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Currently active in Berlin, Barcelona and Valencia.


Increase your earnings is a premium service for millennial parents. We pay you directly after the delivery of a service.

Choose when and how long you work

Provide your availability times and you will get notified about each booking that fits your requirements and skills.

Work with families from all
over the globe

Nonasitters share feedback and tips after each booking, so you have a trustworthy history of reviews to consider before accepting a booking.

What Nonasitters do for traveling families

Become a local guide and show child-friendly places in the city.

Go to playgrounds, museums, parks, zoos and other great places that kids will love.

Stay with kids indoors (hotel/apartment)

While parents are enjoying their well-deserved time to relax, Nonasitters can organize fun activities or get a child ready for sleep and watch him/her overnight.

Accompany family outdoors

Take care of kids while parents focus on what they need

Here’s How It Works

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Sign up for a free account and complete your job application.

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Pass our verification process with reference checks and in-person interview and complete your onboarding process.

Provide childcare service and
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You will get notified about each booking that fits your availability, requirements, and skills.

Must-Haves For Nonasitters

We have extremely high expectations of our childcare providers. Before starting to work with Nona, every
babysitter passes our verification and onboarding process.

Pass background & reference checks, one to one interview and onboarding process.

Have 3 or more years of child care experience.

Be a minimum of 18 years old and eligible to work in the EU

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Hannah Schmidt

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Sophie Simon

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